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The Truth About Women and Self Defense

Can a one hundred and ten pound women really defend herself against a two hundred pound man? The answer...

It depends. First it depends on who that 200 pound man is! Is he a college football player (if you can even find a 200 pound college football player these days)? Is he a trained martial artist, boxer or wrestler? Is he a hardened street thug? Then, probably not. I say probably because there are some women who probably could put up enough of a fight that they might have a chance if not to defeat the guy but maybe to get away.

Next, it depends on the women. Is she strong and in good physical shape? Has she had a lot of good self defense training? Does she know how to use the element of surprise to give herself the winning advantage? Does she know how to turn ordinary items into powerful fighting weapons? With these advantages maybe she could escape or maybe even defeat the guy.

Unfortunately the martial arts world in general has given women the wrong impression. They tell her she can defeat a man with the traditional techniques they teach. More often then not, she will forget the specific technique for the particular attack long before she will ever need it. They also do not allow for the adrenal rush which will certainly overcome her. Her mind will be blank trying to figure out what to do.

Self defense instructors owe it to our women students to teach them practical, simple techniques that can be applied to multiple situations so that she can mentally wire in a minimal number of responses that she will have at her immediate disposal, even when adrenalized.

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