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Using Weapons for Self Defense

Occasionally one of my students will ask me what I think about using weapon for self defense. They are not talking about guns or even knives but the more common things like pepper sprays, key batons, mace, etc.

Inherently there are a few problems with these type of weapons. First, you have to have the weapon ready and available when you need it. The reality is you never know when you are going to be attacked. Sure, there are some situations which develop slowly and you may have the opportunity to reach into your pocket or purse and get out your pepper spray but I wouldn't count on it.

Can you imagine fumbling with your glove box door, purse or even your coat pocket, trying to get to your weapon while you are under the effects of an adrenal dump!

Even if you have the weapon ready when that dreaded time comes, there is another serious problem. That is that unless you can disguise it, your attacker is going to immediately know that you possess a weapon.

You lose the all important element of surprise which is one of the fundamental foundations of good self defense. Your attacker knows what you have and what and how you intend to use it.

A better scenario is if you know how to take just about anything in your environment and turn it into a viscious weapon of self defense.

Years ago I learned this technology from a very private and somewhat strange martial art master. I have only taught this to small groups of people a few times over the year until recently.

One night after a self defense class I was speaking to a couple of my black belts about this system and before you know it there was a crowd of students asking questions about it. I hesitantly agreed to teach a class on it and was surprised at the interest it generated.

We later filmed the entire process and now have it available at It truly levels the playing field against bigger and stronger attackers.

Shihan Michael Pace