self defense against punches





Roundhouse Punch

It is important to be ready and aware of how to defend against a roundhouse punch because it is a common attack.

There is less room for error than if say your attacker engaged you with a hold because a roundhouse punch happens faster and is more dangerous. The technique that you would use in such a situation should be simple and effective so there are less errors that an adrenaline rush could cause you to make.

There are tell tale signs that a roundhouse sucker punch is starting to launch at you. Watch the threatening persons shoulders. If one starts to drop you can be sure a punch is preparing to come your way.

If I was confronted with the realization that I was about to be suckerpunched, I would step back or forward into the punch, depending on the location of it, with my foot on the corresponding side and raise my arm to block the punch. Then grab the offender's arm while simultaneously striking his face with my opposite arm.

After a punch or palm heel strike to the face your extended arm can then be quickly used to grab the back of his neck and draw his head down for a knee to the groin, stomach, or face.

This maneuver is demonstrated much more clearly, along with many others, on Street Self Defense 101.