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Two on One Wrist Release

A wrist grab is a simple attack but could lead to a more serious attack if immediate counteraction is not taken.

Normally, the first thing you would want to do if your wrist is gripped by an attacker is to make a fist in order to protect your fingers. However, a two on one wrist grab is different because your attacker has two hands on your wrist and therefore an advantage that he would not have if he used a regular wrist grab or a cross wrist grab.

In this case, you want to reach between your aggressor's arms with your free arm and clasp your hands together. It is important not to interlace the fingers as they may get hung up.

Your attacker has the strength advantage as he is using two hands on your one. You can level the playing field so to speak by reaching down and grabbing your own hand.Since one arm is free and will be able to apply more strength, that hand should be in the position to pull upwards on the other hand.

Then, by stepping backwards with the foot opposite the threatened arm and at the same time thrusting your arms up and out towards your opposite shoulder, you will be able to break free.

If the situation is not dangerous, you may need only to maintain an assertive stance and attitude. If you are in danger, you may strike your opponent quickly with your free hand before using it to assist your other and again afterwards as needed.

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