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Rear Choke Hold

Someone might think that there's no stopping them if they surprise you with a rear choke hold, but if you are familiar with these responses, you will provide the surprise.

The self-defense techniques demonstrated in Street Self Defense 101 are effective yet simple, they are more easily executed in a real situation. The effects of an adrenaline dump on the body and mind would make it much more difficult to complete complicated fighting maneuvers.

Street Self Defense 101 teaches what you need to know to defend yourself and lets you be the one to know what you're doing when the adrenaline starts pumping.

For instance, say a man puts you in a rear chokehold without warning. A few quick steps are illustrated in Street Self Defense 101 that will strip your attacker of his advantage and give you control of the situation. Let's take a look at how you might do this.

Prior to breaking the hold, you might weaken it by glancing back and delivering a slap to the groin. Then put your arm up between his and drive it forward as you step forward with your opposite foot.

This should break the hold and put you in a position to bring your arm back and give him an elbow to the face. If necessary, you may finish up with palm-heel and/or knee strikes to insure that the conflict is resolved.

This and the defenses against other attacks are clearly demonstrated and explained in Street Self Defense 101.