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Overcoming The Adrenal Rush

One question I am commonly asked is after all the years of doing this work do I still get the adrenal rush? My answer is an emphatic 'Yes'. In fact I invite the adrenal rush, so as to have all that power as a source of defensive action should I need it.

That doesnít mean I will need it, only that I will have it available should the need arise. Besides, the adrenal rush is supposed to occur as a means to help us deal with stressful situations. The adrenal rush is there to help us. Why deprive ourselves of millennia of human survival evolution?

A few years back I began to notice that before I would fight the padded assailant, I would clear my mind of any preconceived notions of specific techniques or reactions that I might use. I call this 'getting out of my own way' to allow the pure flow of adrenaline, spontaneous reaction, and spirit do the trick. Next I would literally invite the adrenal rush to occur in my body. This feels like a warm current of electric energy coursing up my spine.

The final step is to commit to explode 110% when necessary, particularly through a strong voice in which the adrenaline is catalyzed into physical action. But adrenal stress response training is designed to give you a safe and controlled step by step methodology to condition the 'go for it' use of adrenaline appropriately. This carries over into real life situations where you donít have the time to consciously prepare, but must react instinctively. The stories abound of students effectively dealing with very scary situations after taking this type of training.

The problem with most people is that without proper training this powerful bio chemical and even emotional reaction can ork against them. Untrained people often react disproportionately to the problem, either by under reacting, (passive) or by over reacting, (aggressive). A favorite quote from an old FBI buddy states: 'If people just donít screw up in an assault, they usually come out okay'.

So many victims out there screw up because they never learned how to deal with the adrenal rush. Many go into a knee jerk response that can actually get them into even worse trouble! I actually believe that some of the so called "self-defense" seminars and many who are teaching martial arts related self defense training are doing more harm than good. This is because they are giving their students a false sense of security and teaching techniques that could not possibly really work in a real attack.

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