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Front Choke Hold

There are many options a defender can choose from if he finds himself in a front choke hold, but a main point of Street Self Defense 101 is that, under the influence of an adrenaline rush, not only motor skills but mental processes are blurred, possibly turning a practiced technique into a very difficult one to execute.

This method of breaking the hold is simple and therefore probably the most effective in a real life situation. The components of this technique are straightforward and, if practiced, will come more naturally when needed than an elaborate series of unnecessary steps.

Before attempting to actually break the hold you might deliver a palm heel strike to the face, giving your opponent more to focus on than just their grip on your neck. This strike may even end the conflict if it causes enough pain or confusion, but will most likely at least improve the effectiveness of your next actions, the first of which will be the break.

To break the hold clasp your hands together like you would during a two on one wrist release. Then rise up from bent knees as you drive the wedge you've created with your hands up through your attacker's arms, forcing them away from your neck.

From here, you can step forward with your left foot, adding to the momentum of your right arm as it drives a hammer fist strike to your opponent's face, adding immensely to the pain that was delivered a moment ago.

Now remember, this is self-defense, so what you are trying to do is fend off your attacker, for which this may have been sufficient. In the case that it isn't, further blows may be necessary. Situation dictates the rule.