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Fighting Tips

I get many emails requesting a sure fire fighting tip or technique. It is sometimes amusing that someone is "scheduled" to meet a foe at some predetermined place to 'get it on'.

First of all, there is no one sure fire fighting tip that will alway work in every situation. Second I never give any information for someone who going to "meet someone" to fight.

In addtition to a long time martial arts instructor, I consider myself a self defense expert, not a "fighting tip" provider. When someone is going to meet someone to fight, this is no longer self defense.

The best defense is not to fight at all. If a fight can be avoided, everyone wins. That's the best fighting tip I can give to anyone. The verbal and spacial self defense skills we provide in Street Self Defense 101 Volume I are the best way I know of to stop a potential fight from happening in the first place.

So if you are looking for a fighting tip I suggest that instead look for some excellent self defense skills that we present in our Street Self Defense 101 series.

Shihan Michael Pace