self defense strategies





Double Lapel Grip

If you find yourself in a situation where someone has grabbed the front of your shirt or jacket with both hands, it is important that you act quickly to disengage them before they can use their present advantage to really hurt you.

If you swing at the attacker's head they will either release you to block your attack or it will land there, both desirable outcomes. A cupped hand to your enemy's ear can be very painful and could end the confrontation immediately.

If you are still being held, you must break the hold. A good way to do that is to take your arm opposite the one you struck with and position it so that your forearm is above the wrist of your attacker's corresponding arm and below the other. Then, as the step back with the leg on that same side, hit the hand that you have worked between your opponent's arms with your other hand hard enough to pry his hands from you.

Now you are free and have also stepped into an assertive stance, readying you for any possible further attack. Or you can attack from this position with a palm-heel strike or a ridge-hand strike, etc.

Sometimes this attack will lead to the attacker releasing with one hand and hitting you in the face with the other. It is important for you to look for this as you are attempting to free yourself from this hold.

If that happens you will need to switch to the defense against a single lapel (collar) grab with a punch as demonstrated in Street Self Defense 101 Volume I.