self defense techniques





Cross Wrist Release

A wrist grab is a simple attack but could, and probably will if immediate counteraction is not taken, lead to more serious offenses.

The first thing to do if your wrist is gripped by an attacker is to make a fist in order to protect your fingers, which at this point are extremely vulnerable. The next thing you want to do is position your arm so that the edge of your wrist is at the opening of the attacker's grip (at the tip of his thumb).

If you are being held by a cross wrist grab (your left wrist is gripped by a left hand or your right by a right hand) it is necessary for you to move your fist in a small circle over the top of the grip. This is necessary to position the wrist edge against the thumb.

The edge of your wrist should then be where you need it to be and, in one motion, you can step back with your opposite foot and jerk your gripped arm to your opposite shoulder.

The pressure at the edge of your wrist will be enough to break free from your opponent's hold. This should be done in one, fast motion with a jerk or snap. The stance that you step back into when breaking the hold is assertive and you may not need to take any further action to dissuade your attacker. However, if he does not back off, your fist, which was just in his grip, is now at your opposite shoulder and can be deployed for a back-fist strike to the attacker's head or face.

Further action can be taken if necessary or an assertive stance to insure safety, depending on the situation.

This is just one of many attacks which are covered in detail in a video called, Street Self Defense 101.