Assertive Behavior

Street Self Defense 101 is designed to demonstrate effective methods of self-defense against corresponding attacks. The defenses are simple, yet effective, because when a conflict arises and it comes time to remember what one should do in the middle of one, the effects of an adrenaline rush make it difficult when practiced moves have always been complex and void of any kind of mental stress.

Also, when the effects of an adrenaline rush are not taken into account when practicing self-defense, the first chance that a possible defender may have at avoiding a conflict is overlooked.

Adrenaline not only effects how you fight but also how you act, and one's actions and behavior are sometimes what determines whether a fight will ensue.

Passive behavior, which is illustrated by lowered eyes, nervous feet, and an unsure voice, and aggressive behavior, illustrated by an angry voice, wide eyes, and raised fists and often provoking a situation itself, are both attitudes that should not be adopted when faced with some kind of confrontation but may materialize, like mistakes in a too-complex defense tactic, due to the adrenaline rush caused by this dramatic situation.

Assertive behavior, which consists of eye contact, a steady posture, a strong voice, and hands out front is the kind that, more than any other, stops fights before they start.

Street Self Defense 101 demonstrates assertive behavior and the correct execution of numerous defenses under the stress of a real situation.